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Welcome to My Wonderful World

 I want this site to be a place to share my interests with others, where people can have look at my world and give suggestions and comments, which are especially welcome on my photos.  Modesty aside, I am good at Indian cooking, and my culinary skills stretch to a little European and Chinese cooking.  I have a good collection of recipes which I want to share with fellow would-be chefs. As my now grown-up children try their level best to be independent and avoid my constant attentions, I found I was left with lots of free time in hand, so I started photography as a pastime, which is slowly turning into more than just a hobby. I would appreciate people looking at my efforts to give genuine comments and constructive criticism. Please remember I am an untrained photographer. I want to include some pages of my other interests - knitting, tatting and dress making designs - which'll hopefully be up soon. This site is still under construction.